animal feed china grass barley planting seed germination machine

Animal Feed Grass Barley Growing Seed Sprouting MachineBrief Introduction of Barley Grass Growing Machine:1.This machine is used to grow green plants or animal fodder from seeds.2.Bean sprouts growing machine is widely&n

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Animal Feed Grass Barley Growing Seed Sprouting Machine

Animal Feed China Grass Barley Growing Seed Sprouting Machine
Brief Introduction of Barley Grass Growing Machine:
1.This machine is used to grow green plants or animal fodder from seeds.
2.Bean sprouts growing machine is widely used for sprouting in factory, school, canteen,supermarket, restaurant, hotel, farms etc.
3.Suitable for alfalfa sprouting, corn buds, pea shoots,  green bean sprouting, buckwheat sprouting, barley seedling, wheat sprouting, turnip sprouting and so on.
1.Stainless steel frames, compound color steel plate box body with functions of heat preservation, waterproof and rustproof.
2.Labor saving, easy to operate.
3.Production cycle of bean sprout machine is only 3-3.5 days.
4.Temperature display, high temperature alarm, warming automatically, air circulating, water shortage alarm, water feeding automatically.

Work rate1.5kw2kw2.5kw3.5kw4.5kw
Electric consumption123812
Water consumption0.5m³/day1m³/day2m³/day2.8m³/day3.2m³/day
Weight140 kg290kg380kg680kg1260kg

Animal Feed China Grass Barley Growing Seed Sprouting Machine
1. Main purposes: 

1, Widely used in cafeterias, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and farmers markets, military life center
2, it will automatically heating, automatic watering, after 3-3.5 days can produce a white crisp bean sprouts. 

2. Structural features: 
1, Galvanized steel structure, box of insulation, waterproof, rustproof composite color plates, Stainless steel inner frame. 
2, Independent boards (PC) can be achieved: Water alarm, automatic water
3, Case: Temperature display, temperature alarm, box automatic heating thermostat, cabinet air circulation
4, Tank: Temperature display, temperature alarm, automatic water tank, automatic heating thermostat
5, Automatic watering, watering interval display, tricking delay display, manual watering

3. Introduction: 
1, with my machine production plant sprouts sprouts better than traditional manual quality short production cycle. General manual production cycle of bean sprouts, summer takes 4-5 days, 7-9 days in winter needs, bean sprouts and bean sprouts machine production as long as 3-3.5 days can not be harvested and climatic conditions and seasonal effects. Our production of bean sprouts machine bean sprouts, bean sprouts in a constant temperature environment makes manual control, the sprouts grow uniform overcome manual production of bean sprouts on top when the leaves are large root length, and around the end of the short or long, only the middle of a good sign. 

2, to reduce the phenomenon of bud rot. Sprouts grown bud rot phenomenon occurs in about three days after cultivation, due to the long period of the manual production of bean sprouts, buds phenomenon prone to rot, but the use of bean sprouts machine production, about three days ripe bean sprouts, can be harvested for human consumption, not there bud rot phenomenon. 

3, labor-saving, easy to operate. After the seeds soak into sterile bud sprouts machine inside, you do not have control. 
Animal Feed China Grass Barley Growing Seed Sprouting Machine


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