Cassman 2000L Stainless Steel Jacketed Beer Brewing Conical Fermentation Tank

Cassman 2000L Stainless Steel Jacket Beer Brewing Conical Fermentation Tank 1----Fermenter System                                                        &n

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Cassman 2000L Stainless Steel Jacket Beer Brewing Conical Fermentation Tank
Cassman 2000L Stainless Steel Jacket Beer Brewing Conical Fermentation Tank
Cassman 2000L Stainless Steel Jacket Beer Brewing Conical Fermentation Tank

1----Fermenter System                                                                   
  1. Capacity: 100L-30000L, 1bbl-100bbl, +25% Head space
  2. Interior shell thickness 3-6mm, Exterior shell=2mm
  3. 100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
  4. Interior finish: pickled and passivated, external polished, 80mm insulated 
  5. Test pressure 3 bar, working pressure 1.5 bar
  6. Glycol zones (Both on side and concial/bottom)
  7.  60°conical bottom for Fermener, Shadow less side man way
  8. Racking arm, Sample valve, Pressure relief valve on the top, Dry hopping on the top
  9. Mechanical relief valve 3 bar on CIP arm with pressure gauge
  10. Adjustable tank leveling padsCassman 2000L Stainless Steel Jacket Beer Brewing Conical Fermentation Tank
2---Standard Features:
  1. Dual zone dimple cooling jackets (3 or more on larger tanks)
  2. Interior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 3mm /11 gauge
  3. Cooling jacket: 304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm /14 gauge
  4. Exterior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm /14 gauge
  5. Polyurethane insulation
  6. Interior surface to finish pickled and passivated
  7. Exterior surface to brushed, #4 finish
  8. 580x480mm Side manway, shadowless
  9. Dry hop inlet at top
  10. Accessories:
   Sample Valve x1;
   Pressure relief/vacuum valve x1;
   Temp. sensor / thermometer x1;
   Rotating racking arm with butterfly valve x1;
   Bottom outlet with butterfly valve x1;
   Spraying Ball with down tube x1;
   Stainless pipe legs with adjustable footpads x4;
Cassman 2000L Stainless Steel Jacket Beer Brewing Conical Fermentation Tank
CapacityCylinder(ODxH)OAHInner Thickness
7BBL1000 x 1250mm2530mm3mm
10BBL1150 x 1250mm2670mm3mm
15BBL1250 x 1680mm3250mm3mm
20BBL1400 x 1700mm3400mm3mm
30BBL1650 x 1850mm3740mm3mm
40BBL1750 x 2050mm4040mm3mm


Any other queation, contact with me without hesitation!
Q: What size of the building do I need?
For a brewpub, size depends on a lot your yearly volume and how many different types of beer you want to brew.The minimum area request is around 20m^2.There are also estimated area requests in our different brewery systems in the specification above.
For microbreweries the main factor is yearly volume.For small microbreweries, floor space of 300m^2 usually is enough .
About details on your project,we can give you exact dimensions and requirements.
Q:What utilities do I need for a brewery?
Typically water,electricity and drains are needed.
In general, 3 phase electricity is common and suitable for 220/380/440 voltage with 50/60Hz.The size of the water connection is determined by the size of
For brewery project we provide our customers with detailed requirement on the utilities and their respective location.
Q:Not being a brewer, can i start a brewery?
Yes! There are not so many brewers. Cassman can help you or one of your employees learning how to brew, including familiarizing you with operating brewery equipment, stuying recipes, grasping quality control and so on.
Above all, Cassman can also offers a wide variety of services such as project planning, layout design, installation, and after sales services etc.
These services are free!
Q:Where can I get my ingredients ?
Almost every country or area can find a supplier for malt,hops,yeast etc. Cassman company can also help to get good quality raw materials here.If you find the ingredients hardly, we can make arrangement to shipped to you.
Q:How long does the equipment last?
Given the fact that most facility in a brewery are made of stainless steel,the longevity of a brewery is long. In a conditon of proper maintenance and the careful use of chemicals,a brewery can be used intensively for about 20 to 30 years.For some equipment, such as fill and label with a lot of moving parts, a shorter lifespan should be considered and more maintenance will be necessary.
In brief, depending on the use.

Cassman 2000L Stainless Steel Jacket Beer Brewing Conical Fermentation Tank


5---About Cassman

Cassman is the leading Microbrewery equipment supplier in China, our service include the brewery design, equipment manufacture, Installation at site and brewing technology transfer.
We provide complete beer brewing solutions that include: malt handling system, brew house system, beer fermenting/storage system, cooling system, cleaning system, control system, package line.
Established in 2010, Cassman brewing equipment has been exported to more than 20 countries, which include USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Denmark etc.

6--Packaging & Shipping

Packaging : We consider all different potential situation in the delivery, so we use every prevention measures to avoid any potential inconvenience or trouble
a.Bulk cargo: Standard wooden case which can avoid any clash during the sea or air transportation in case of
causing damage to the surface of our products.
b.Container cargo: the equipment will be bound firmly and won't easily swing to the side, or up, or down.
Shipping: Deliver from Qingdao port within 30-45 days
Cassman 2000L Stainless Steel Jacket Beer Brewing Conical Fermentation Tank

7---Our Service
Pre-sale service:
According to customer requirements to provide one-stop brewing beer project solution: tailored process flow chart; site layout; cost-benefit analysis.
Production monitoring:
Equipment production will be strictly according to standards, timely communication with the customer production and other production conditions; to guide customers to prepare the venue; to help customers handle the relevant permit business procedures; equipment acceptance after the completion of timely and accurate delivery, contact The logistics do a good job Shipping matters.
After-sales service:
Our commitment to all tanks two-year warranty, life-long technical support. And send professional brewing engineers free on-site guidance to install debugging; to teach brewing beer brewing technology; provide a variety of brewing brewing formula; supply all kinds of beer Brewing raw materials.



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