Stainless steel food grade beer fermentation tank, wine fermentation tank

Fermentation tankTurkey project componence:1) Mill machine 2) Mashed & lauter tank 3) Cooling system 4) Controlling system 5) Accessories 6) Water treatment systemBottling line production if it is necessary, and we can also introduce the best raw materials Chinese supplier if you need.Desc

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Fermentation tank
Turkey project componence:
1) Mill machine 2) Mashed & lauter tank 3) Cooling system 4) Controlling system 5) Accessories 6) Water treatment system
Bottling line production if it is necessary, and we can also introduce the best raw materials Chinese supplier if you need.

Description of products: 304 international standard stainless steel materials ( mashed and lauter tanks can be luxury red copper material. Every brewery is planned and manufactured under customers' requirements, we supply the whole set-up equipments with highest quality and best price

After sale service: 1) impart the recipe of brewing different tast of beer and how to brew beers in Germany style, trainning. 2) 12 months whole year after service. 3: Make layout of your plant and installation the equipments.

Flowtam Company is a very professional beer equipment manufacture and after service supplier, we guarantee the highest quality and best price, we locme to inquire and your visit to our company.
Humber company engineering and technical experts developed a small beer equipment in 1994 under studying of the Germany technic. Now we design from 100L per day to 2000L special for hotel, pub, restaurant and roast meat shop.
The most practical and stable beer equipment made in China!
The equipment list as below:
A. Main machine
01. Mash boiling tun 1000L 1 piece Interior: Stainless Steel,: Red Copper, steam heating(45Kg/h)
02. Mash lauter/whirlpool tank 1000L 1 piece Interior: Stainless Steel,: Red Copper, mechanical agitating
03. Fermentation tank 1000L 12 piece Stainless steel, one control for each tank
04. Ice water tank 2500L 1 piece Stainless steel
05. Sterilizing trolley 200L 1 piece Washing Pump: Flow 3t/h, pump head 18m, including.
B. Auxiliaries
01. Refrigerating 20KW(5HP) 2groups Plate Heat Exchanger Group
02. Mill machine 300Kg/h 1 piece Buhrstone type
03. Plate heat exchanger 7 1 piece Double-Section 7 Flows
04. Wort pump Flow 5t/h, pump head 25m 1 piece Equipped between Mash Technological Pipeline and Filter Technological Pipeline
05. Ice water pump Flow 4t/h, pump lift 20m 1 piece Centrifugal Type
06. Control cabinet 1 set Including power, fermentation, refrigeration
07. Boiler 45Kg/h 1 piece Steam heating
C. Accessory
01. Mash technological pipeline 1 set Stainless steel
02. Ice water pipeline 1 set PPR
03.25 Food tube 20m 1 piece Equip32/25 stainless steel connectors and pipe strap
04.32 Wire tube 1.5m 1 piece Equip32 stainless steel connectors and pipe strap
05. Wort thermodetector 0100 1 piece Stainless steel
06. Cross joint 32 1 set Used at wort exit of Heat Exchanger
07.20/32 Mapper DN20/32 1 piece Stainless Steel allotype double thread
08. Butterfly rubber seals 30 piece Dg40/32/25 Equipped as per the proportion of 8/20/2
09. Saccharometer 10° 20° 4 piece 10° 20° 2 piece for each kind
10. Aerator 32 2 set 5m12tube for each suit
11. Lees out harrow 1 piece
12. Measuring cylinder 1 piece
13. Operating 1 piece
14. Other tools 1 set
Working volume(BBL)27101520253040506090120
MaterialAll stainless  steel SUS304
The diameter of inner cylinder(mm)65010001100120014501500160017501750190021502150
Cylinder height (mm)60010001000122012201500150015002000200024403500
The diameter of outter cylinder(mm)The diameter of inner cylinder+The thickness of insulation*2
Reference height (mm)185025002700305032503600370039004400450048005800
Conical degree60º -90º
Surface roughness of inner shellRa≤ 0.22μ m
Surface roughness of outter headMirror polished or matt polish or wire-drawing processing
Head TypeDHA or DHB or according to your reqiurement
Jacket typeEfficient use of Maitreya plate jacket heat technology, heating rate is greatly improved, 1.5mm thick, welding aperture 12mm, adjacent hole center distance 80mm, clamping sleeve height 15mm
Cooling area(m² )1234567911131619
The material of insulationAnti - aging polyurethane Pearl(PU)
The thickness of insulation(mm)50/80/100
Outside skin2B Plate, or mirror polish, matt polish, wiredrawing processing, thickness=2mm
ManwayTop manwayDN300, DN350, DN400, DN500, DN600 could be chose
Side-manwayellipse manway: 580X480, 530X430, 500X400 could be chose
Adjustable feet3 or 4
Adjustable outletTri-clamp Φ 51/Φ 63/Φ 76/Φ 89(rotating part), 360° adjustable, Flexible rotation
CIP cleaning pipingTri-clamp Φ 32/Φ 38/Φ 51,
Using arc direct transition, no weld, more health, but also reduce the resistance of pipeline, improve cleaning efficiency
Lifting earsAccording with HG/T 21574-2008
Level equipementSanitary hose connected pipe cleaning and clear liquid outlet
Spray ballTri-clamp Φ 63/Φ 76/Φ 89,
The quick clamp connection, disassembly, 360 degrees omnibearing cleaning, installed in the top of the device
Inlet/outletTri-clamp Φ 25/Φ 32/Φ 38/Φ 51/Φ 63,
Also can choose the bottom two deep pot of different height of outlet, clamp connections
Safty valveTri-clamp Φ 51
In let yeastTri-clamp Φ 76/Φ 89/Φ 102/Φ 133/Φ 159
ThermometerM12X1.5(digital display)/M27X2 or Tri-clamp Φ 32
Pressure gaugeM20X1.5/ Tri-clamp Φ 32
Sample ValveTri-clamp Φ 25
Carbonation stoneTri-clamp Φ 51/Φ 63/Φ 76/Φ 89
Vent holeTri-clamp Φ 25/Φ 32/Φ 38/Φ 51
Jacket inlet/outletFemale screw/Male screw
BrandLaser engraving, detailed
AccorssiesThemometer, thermo-well, sampling valve, pressure gauge, pressure/vaccum relief valve,
3 butterfly valves, C02 port, PVRV, beer level indicator.
NotesIt can be made according to customers' special requirements.

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