How To Decorate With Flamingos

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One of the best ways to add tropical flair to your home is by decorating with large pink birds, otherwise known as flamingoes. These distinctive birds hail from South America, India, Africa, and parts of southern Europe, per Audubon. They are known for their glorious pink feathers, boomerang-shaped beak, and long legs. You may recognize them from the popular lawn ornaments that dotted front yards in the 1950s and '60s.

The iconic plastic flamingoes were originally designed in 1957 by Don Featherstone in Leominster, Massachusetts (via Smithsonian). Since he did not have a live bird model on hand, he based the design on pictures in "National Geographic." Homeowners often used flamingoes to make their home look unique and add some curb appeal. However, the plastic birds soon became associated with tackiness and bad taste. By the 1980s, they were cool again and started appearing in all aspects of home decor, often in a playful, tongue-in-cheek manner. The flamingoes of today have come a long way. If you want to spice up your interiors, consider letting a flock of flamingoes roam free around your home. Whether you're adding just a suggestion of flamingo or celebrating their vibrancy, you can decorate a dining room table, a living room wall, or light up a patio with these eccentric pink birds. Embrace your inner flamingo and check out the best ways to decorate with these fabulous birds in your home.

According to Star Furniture, an accent wall is a different color, texture, pattern, or material than the other walls in a room. Since they are different, they stand out and become a focal point. You can create an accent wall in your living room, home office, dining area, or even a hallway. Before getting started, consider which wall naturally draws attention and make this your feature wall. Perhaps the wall has a fireplace, bookshelf, or other statement piece.

Once you know which wall will be your accent one, you can have a little fun and start thinking about how to let your personality shine. An accent wall can be any color or design, so why not consider covering it with flamingo-printed wallpaper? Flamingoes are natural conversation starters and are sure to capture plenty of attention wherever you decorate with them. Plus, there are plenty of tropical wallpaper designs out there for all budgets. House of Hackney offers a playful pink and white striped wallpaper layered with flamingoes and you can find a tropical pattern with flamingoes and monstera plants on Etsy. Creating a playful accent will help you feel like a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

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One of the best ways to brighten up your patio and outdoor space is by hanging up some string lights. Not only do they provide a pop of fun decoration and color, but they also add necessary light at night for parties and create a welcoming atmosphere, per Aurio Lighting. When choosing lights for your patio, look for LED lights because they are energy efficient and last about 10 times longer than other varieties. Plus, they pose no fire hazard and require little maintenance. 

Decorating a patio umbrella, trees, fence, or outdoor wall with flamingo string lights is a great way to let your personality shine, especially at summer barbecues and parties. You don't have to live in a tropical location to add these weird and wonderful birds to your home. Before purchasing your lights, measure the area where you want to hang them up and figure out how many sets you need to cover the space. You'll be feeling pretty in pink in no time.

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Decorating your bedroom with flamingo-printed throw pillows, blankets, and duvet covers will make your space feel like a tropical vacation, no plane ticket required. Flamingo motifs are a cute and versatile addition to a room, whether stealing the show with full-fledged flamingo bedding or just adding a subtle pillow to the mix. You can ground a busy duvet cover with neutral-colored pillows or accessories or layer bold flamingo prints with other tropical designs like jungle leaves or waterfalls. The choice is yours!

If you love the color pink, consider decorating your bedroom with gold and pink details and letting the flamingo take center stage. Alternatively, go for an artistic approach by finding bedding with repeat drawn pictures of the birds. Online stores like Etsy offer a variety of bedding sets, including pretty in pink, retro, and tropical-inspired designs. 

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Who said animals don't belong in the kitchen? Adding these quirky birds to your dishware will make your next cooking session feel like a party. If you want a creative way to showcase your flamingo-shaped dishes, put them on display in a glass kitchen cabinet. According to Display Cabinets Direct, you can make over an entire room with a glass cabinet display by putting a treasured collection inside or filling them with something you love that expresses your unique personality. A cabinet display can tie in with an existing theme or stand on its own. No matter which dishes you display, make them look their best by grouping them in odd numbers and organizing by size with larger items behind smaller ones.

Alternatively, you can put your flamingo-inspired dishes on a dining room table for your next gathering or social event. Whether celebrating a baby shower, engagement, or birthday party, these pink birds will add some pizzazz to the occasion. 

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Bring birds into your bedroom by incorporating a fun flamingo motif on your bed headboard. This decor tip is not for the faint of heart since you will be falling asleep and waking up every morning with giant pink birds looming above your head. However, if you are a true flamingo lover, go for it! You can find plenty of headboards online upholstered with flamingo-printed fabric, like this one from Wayfair, or design your own flamingo headboard by painting flamingoes directly onto the wall behind your bed. For best results, use a reusable flamingo wall stencil from Etsy.

Before you start painting, clean the wall thoroughly and then draw a straight line to correctly align the stencil (via Abby Organizes). You can use this line to ensure your stencil is perfectly straight on the wall before you break open that can of paint. Next, tape the stencil to the wall and then start painting. You'll want to use a foam roller to apply the paint evenly over the back of the stencil.

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Who wouldn't want a pink and feathered friend by their side during bathtime? You can take your showers and baths to the next level by decorating your bathroom with a flamingo-printed shower curtain. Go totally tropical by finding a beachy print with jungle leaves and bright colors or keep things sweet and pink with a flamingo-focused design. According to Designer Living, a new shower curtain is the simplest way to update drab or outdated bathroom decor. Plus, they serve a variety of functional purposes, including keeping your floors dry and adding privacy.

When choosing a shower curtain for your bathroom, ensure it's the correct size and reaches all the way down to the floor. You don't want water seeping out from the edges and flooding the room. For a more sophisticated style, opt for a flamingo shower curtain in an elegant material like soft cotton. Clean it regularly to ensure the flamingoes stay just as clean as you are post-shower.

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No home is complete without art. Whether in the form of a living room gallery wall or a framed picture of your child's school art project, artwork can liven up any interior. As Billy Shaw, the founder of Grafiti Home, told Living Cozy, "Matching artwork to your personality is super important. It's the clearest path to finding artwork with subjects that speak to you and make your space feel like home." So if you love flamingoes and their pink feathers make you smile, spruce up your space with pictures of these birds.

When choosing flamingo-inspired wall art for your home, check out online stores like Etsy, Wayfair, and eBay. Alternatively, you can get creative and paint your own watercolor portraits. To start, you'll draw a simple curved line and a S-shape for their neck (via Ellen Crimi-Trent- Artist on YouTube). Draw the rest of their silhouette with a pen and add their stick legs. After sketching a few flamingoes, take out your pink and peach-toned paints, some water, and a paintbrush. Your ready to paint your very own flamingoes!  

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The tiniest of details can add unique flair to your living space. For example, a set of flamingo salt and pepper shakers will instantly energize a dining table or breakfast nook. If you have pink walls or other accents in the room, these pieces will help tie everything together. You can coordinate the rest of the table with matching dishware or a pink table runner.

There are plenty of retro salt and pepper sets out there if you want to create a vintage look. Pair them with gold-rimmed glasses, simple white dishes, and bouquets of fresh flowers for a stunning table setting. If you prefer a more glamorous style, consider decorating with gold flamingo shakers. If you can't find a metallic set online or in thrift stores, use spray paint to give your birds a fresh makeover.

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If you really want to make a free-spirited impression at your next gathering, add some flamazing candle holders. These holders from Amazon will add some pink-feathered fun to any living room coffee table or entryway. You just need to add a candle and you'll be good to go! Alternatively, you can find plain candle holders at a flea market or thrift store and add some razzle dazzle by decorating them with flamingoes.

According to Kreativní Techniky, glass mason jars make the perfect candle holders. For this DIY project, you can add flamingoes onto the jars directly using Mod Podge. Simply coat the glass surface with a thin layer of Mod Podge with a foam brush (via The Daily DIYer on YouTube). Then, take your flamingo photo and place it all around the sides of the jar, gradually smoothing out the bubbles. Seal the photo with another layer of Mod Podge on top. Wait for it to dry and then place your favorite scented candles inside. You can also use flameless candles if you prefer.

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Is it even summer if you don't have a fabulous flamingo floatie? If you have a swimming pool in your backyard or want to bring a flamingo friend to the river, snag a cute inflatable pool float. These pink birds look so cute floating in the water and are sure to instantly put a smile on your face. Plus, they can give you a welcome break from swimming and let you lounge in style. According to Elite Daily, posing in the pool with one of these floats is sure to get you all the likes on social media. Just be sure to add a cute caption.

There are plenty of places to find flamingo floats online, including Amazon, Etsy, and Target. When shopping for a float, look for safety valves, sturdy PVC material, and a low center of gravity to prevent tipping over (via Bed Bath & Beyond). Purchasing one with an electric pump will cost a bit more, but save you time and energy.

Set the mood with a fun flamingo light in your home. Neon lights will cast a soft, warm glow around any room and add tropical vibes. Whether you're planning an outdoor party or a vibrant dinner, flamingo neon lights will create the perfect atmosphere to let the good times roll. According to Yellowpop, neon lighting has been used for everything from the Moulin Rouge sign in Paris to Times Square in New York City and were incredibly popular during the first half of the 20th century. Today, they are back in style for interiors, popping up in hip coffee shops, offices, and homes.

If you want to decorate your living space with a flamingo neon light, place it away from other light sources so that it can shine on its own two feet. After all, flamingoes aren't used to competing for attention. You can also treat it like art and hang it up on a wall in your entryway or set a smaller light on a bookshelf in the living room.

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A coffee table is the perfect place to add a finishing decorative touch to your living room. These tables are often the focal point of a room and attract plenty of attention as the center of seating arrangements. They should be functional, as you will probably want a place to set down drinks, snacks, and the TV remote, but also beautiful. Placing a single flamingo ornament on your table that you can easily take on and off will add a chic touch without overwhelming the space. A flamingo adds a sense of playfulness and humor while still looking elegant. Accent it with a small green houseplant and a stack of books to complete the look.

You can find flamingo table decor online or make your own origami flamingo. According to Origami Fun, you'll just need a square piece of paper to start and a few folding steps. It may take some practice to get your flamingo looking snazzy enough for your coffee table, but it will add a fun touch once it's finished.

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Sometimes a pop of pink is all it takes to get flamazing style in your home. Decorating with pink bar stools not only mimic a flamingo's signature color, but also their striking silhouette with long, stilt-like legs. Home Depot offers a great set of stools. You can add these fun stools to your home bar area, outdoor patio, or around a kitchen island for a polished burst of color. Layer your stools with gold details to play up a luxurious, Art Deco style. Decorating with flamingoes doesn't just have to be about tropical vibes; you can look to them to inspire elegant and glamorous interiors as well. 

When arranging bar stools in a living space, consider choosing a fabric that can withstand food and drink spills and place them far enough apart so that people can easily hang out without bumping into each other. Look for cute and comfortable stools that your guests will love just as much as you do.

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If you think painting a wall mural is only for professional artists, think again! This activity is simple enough for anyone and it will make a big impact in your living space. To capture everyone's attention, paint a flamingo mural onto your walls. According to Art is Fun, the first step to painting a mural is to clean the wall. Make sure there's no damage from moisture, mold, or cracks and wash surfaces with water and soap. Apply acrylic primer to help the paint adhere to the wall. From here, you can start painting on the wall or you can paint on a canvas first and apply it to the wall with an adhesive such as wallpaper glue.

If you're painting directly on the wall, draw an outline with pencil first and underpaint with blocks of color. For example, you can paint the entire flamingo body a light pink color and then go over it with sponging to create texture and dimension. Remember, if you make a mistake you can always paint over it and start fresh.